Saturday, December 11, 2010

#107 The Annual Public Nativity Scene Legality Debate

God promises that "where two or three Christians are gathered, there He will be." Unfortunately for American white Christians, local government has decided that "wherever two or three Christians are gathered for a nativity scene, there no one will be ever."

Every year, when Christmas approaches on the calendar, white Christians enjoy several traditions to get themselves into the spirit of the season: reading Luke 2 (any other Biblical accounts of the Christmas story pales in comparison to this particular version),
candlelight ceremonies, advent candles, and even pretending there's a Santa Claus. But nothing quite captures the white Christian "reason for the season" like the annual public nativity scene legality debate.

Here's how it breaks down every year: Somewhere in Anytown, USA, a sleepy little village has recently outlawed a nativity scene. 99.9% of white Christians worldwide have never heard of this town, but 100% of white Christians are outraged by this turn of events. After all, local news reports indicate that they've had a nativity scene in the Anytown, USA fire department parking lot for the past 33 years, but now the Washington fat cats are taking this beloved spontaneous zoo fantasy camp away from the once simple (now angry) townspeople.

This group anger pools into action and culminates in two additional white Christian Christmas classics: protests and boycotts. Protest signs with "Jesus is the Reason for the Season," are now on par with Christmas lights. Nothing says "God With Us," quite like a good ol' fashion picket line.


Anonymous said...

White Christians love their religious ceremonies and displays, but they love fighting for their rights to have religious ceremonies and displays even more. Very funny!

ChuckEastNashville said...

Although not directly related to this topic, each year an outdoor nativity scene near my aunt's home would contain the usual cast: infant Jesus, parents Joseph and Mary, three wise men, various barn animals. Alongside them would be the not-so-traditional Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Goofy, Donald Duck.

Belle said...

There is a simple answer: Put a nativity scene in front of your church or house.