Saturday, June 5, 2010

#81 Quasi-Creative Church Road Signs

Chances are, if you've driven through a white Christian neighborhood, and can find time while driving to look up from text messaging on your cell phone, you've been distracted by a Quasi-Creative Church Road Sign. Some of the messages are quasi-funny. Some are quasi-thought-provoking. Frequently Biblically inaccurate or even blasphemous, almost all messages on quasi-creative church road signs are met not with a bang, but a whimper.

What's the best way to convey the timeless Truth of the inspiried Word of the Lord to an unbelieving world that's flying by at 40 mph? Why, clever word play, of course! This pun-ministry... or "pun-istry," runs deep within white Christian culture. Christian coffe shops like "Holy Grounds Coffee Shop" frequently suffer from the same afliction.

A typical driver/sign interaction goes something like this: "Sign Broke? Message inside?" questions the unassuming passerby. Then, upon achieving the word-play eureka moment, the driver realizes, "Why, that sign's not broke at all- it's an invitation to come to a worship service. Of course!" This realization is followed by a quasi-satisfied "hmm," as the driver continues about their day unchanged.


St. Patrick of Antioch said...

its things like these, the "signs of the times" if you will, that really won me over to the LORD in the first place. thanks for giving me a reason to smile, for the Salvation of Christ is here. :)

Luther Zwingli said...

By the way... there used to be a website devoted to this topic that inspired this post idea about 2 years ago. Apparently this site has been wiped clean off the internets. If anyone can track it down, (something like Crummy Church Signs) please share the link. We'd love to give credit where credit is due.

Luther Zwingli said...

Oh- and one more thing... anybody drive past a particularly bad church sign recently? Please share it with us- pun-istry loves company.

jstainer said...

A little church in my town that was recently started up - it's located basically at the end of a cul-de-sac so I'm not sure many people ever see the signs - but dropped off pizza near there yesterday for a fundraiser.

One side of the sign said:

"Consider this your sign. Start a new life today."

Cheesy but whatever.

The other side was what really got me.

"At the end of your life will God say to you Well done, or 'well done'."

Library Lady said...

jstainer said...

"Cheesy..." and you were delivering a pizza?!? Struck me as quite funny. Did you intend the pun?

I prefer (read with a tad of sarcasm) the more subtle and philosophical approach in church signage, such as the one I saw some time ago that read:

"Where will you spend eternity?"

As a thinking person, this appeals to my intellect and not my emotions. It's non-judgmental, yet thought-provoking. Good fodder for when you've had several bottles of wine or 5 Margaritas. So glad "they" care. ;-) Inquiring minds and all that stuff...

Love this blog. I'm still waiting on the Professional VBSer post. VBS starts, by the way, at my church this week. :-)

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(Pardon the shameless plugs.)

Mary said...

We live in a place that gets pretty hot during the summer... around 105-110, and one church sign said "there is a place hotter then here it is called hell" It was the most hilarious sign I had ever seen. There is also a sign on the freeway in the town next to mine that says "ready or not here I come" signed God. Nothing like fear to convert someone!!! :)

Anonymous said...

"'Where will you spend eternity?' As a thinking person, this appeals to my intellect and not my emotions. It's non-judgmental, yet thought-provoking."

wait, seriously? intellect? non-judgmental? of course that's judgmental. i'm a non-christian raised christian, and i'd like to point out that signs like this just piss non-christians off. we all know where you think we're gonna spend eternity. i mean really, it's not like christians keep that a secret. what's there to think about?

i'm all for creative church signs, i appreciate the laugh, but if you seriously want them to draw people to your church or your faith, you'd better reconsider how they sound. as a christian, you might love it - but remember that it's an inside joke.

and just like most inside jokes, it can come off as offensive, self-righteous, and incredibly dull...