Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Facebook Fan Page & Photo Contest

You are cordially invited to join the brand new SWCL Fan Page on Facebook. Yes, we have a thriving Facebook group, but a fan page has many advantages to a group - primarily that it allows for better interaction with you. Lame old groups can't compare to the fun that can be had with a fan page - it will be a barrel full of monkeys, I promise you.

We're kicking off the fan page with a Faith-Themed Tattoos photo contest, so join and post a photo of your tattoo or an even better one you found on the internets. Check out the original Faith-Themed Tattoos post for inspiration. We'll all vote for the winner, who will then be acknowledged on the blog.

Oh, we're now on Twitter as well - @SWCL.

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Luther Zwingli said...

Speaking of Tats, check out this article (click here) on ESPN about the fascinating world of athletes and tattoos. There's some significant overlap with faith-themed tattoos. I particularly like "fear no man but God."