Saturday, August 8, 2009

#38 Focusing on Family

Let's face it - we live in a big, dangerous, busy world. There are a lot of potential distractions for white Christians. That's exactly why millions of white Christians like to keep their focus on the family. In 1977, Dr. James Dobson created an organization to do just that. From McGee & Me and Adventures in Odyssey to Faith-Based Family Finance, Dobson has delighted white Christian parents with a faith and family focus.

Dobson began his empire by becoming an expert on raising Christian children. The mere sight of a Dobson book on their parents' nightstand could immediately reform the most unruly of white Christian children. However, many a "strong-willed child" has wished her parents had not "dared to discipline" and had chosen to use reason and bribery instead.

Dobson's expertise in child-like behavior served him well in his next area of focus - politics. White Christian parents were so thankful for Dobson's guidance - their children were now too busy icing their bottoms to cause any problems - that they were more than willing to vote for Dobson's favorite candidates for public office. Dobson has been much maligned for only supporting "pro-family" candidates while completely ignoring or even opposing "anti-family" candidates, but his critics fail to understand that as a child psychologist, Dobson is more than qualified to select our nation's leaders.

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Luther Zwingli said...

Is it just me, or is the Focus on the Family logo seem eerily similar to the Cheers logo?

Shelley said...

..."as a child psychologist, Dobson is more than qualified to select our nation's leaders." Priceless!!! The saddest part about that quote is that it's so true, and Dobson would be agreeing whole-heartedly with you. His ego is unfailing, especially when he rallies against single mothers. Sorry to disappoint the good doctor, but my daughter is a good kid who's growing in her relationship with Christ, and there's no male in our home. I know that's hard to believe, James, but hey, we're not all inattentive drug-abusing, man-hopping ignorami (is that a word?).

Marc Driesenga said...

Oooo, you guys really went for it this time! What, Jerry Falwell didn't want any of this? Or Pat Robertson? Or D. James Kennedy? Or Billy Graham? Or Robert Shuler? Yeah, good job biting at the leg of probably the single most powerful, vocal, influential white "Christian" in America! Ah, but I do miss the "good ol' days" of the Moral Majority and the Religious Right. Hey, anyone know where I can buy up a bunch of copies of "The Last Temptation of Christ"???

julia said...

Too good! My sentiments exactly, but better worded. ;-)

Belle said...

James Dobson - I've seen no evidence of love there.