Tuesday, August 4, 2009

2009 Tournament of Like: Final Four

Well, folks... the field has been narrowed from 32 posts to the Final Four: (1) Coffee-Themed Ministry, (7) Youth Pastors, (2) Christian E-mail Signatures, and (1) Casual Church Attire.

Here's how the Elite 8 unfolded:
  • (1) Coffee-Themed Ministry ended the Cinderella run for (6) Morphing Traditional Christian Vernacular with a final vote of 29-18. It was a great run for the 6 seed, but Coffee-Themed Ministry proved just too strong.
  • (7) Youth Pastors continued the dream tournament with yet another convincing upset over (5) Getting Married Right Out of College. Final vote: 29-17.
  • In the closest contest of this round, (2) Christian E-mail Signatures defeated (5) One-Hour Church Services by two votes: 24-22.
  • (1) Casual Worship Attire took care of business over (2) Sunday Afternoon Naps with a 25-15 vote victory.

This sets up the two Final Four match-ups:

  • (1) Coffee-Themed Ministry vs. (7) Youth Pastors
  • (2)Christian E-mail Signatures vs. (1) Casual Worship Attire

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