Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tournament of Like: first results are in

Congrats to the first round of winners in the 2009 Tournament of Like:

(1) Coffee Themed Ministry defeated (8) Pretending There’s a Santa Claus 55-28

(4) Faith-Themed Tattoos defeated (5) Gossip 42-36

(6) Morphing Traditional Christian Vernacular defeated (3) Babies 55-22

(2) Visitors defeated (7) Candlelight Ceremonies 47-30

(1) White Jesus defeated (8) Christian Radio Stations 42-37

(5) Getting Married Right Out of College defeated (4) Greeters 45-29

(6) Calling Themselves Followers of Jesus defeated (3) Diversity 46-30

(7) Youth Pastors defeated (2) The Message 60-16 

Quite a few upsets already... keep up the work, dear reader!

The next round of voting starts right now and lasts through Sunday: the first rounds of the Billy Graham Region and the Rob Bell Region


Anonymous said...

Luther Zwingli seems to be a genius. He probably comes from a great family. Let's examine the data: Luther--great theologian/interesting man. Zwingli--great theologian/great leader. Luther Zwingli's father--great insurance agent/fair soccer coach. Yes, Luther Zwingli does come from a great family.

Luther Zwingli said...

Well, anonymous- you seem to be a pretty astute observer. And while I won't necessarily argue with you on the genius point, the rest of your claims remain up for debate.