Monday, July 20, 2009

SWCL Tournament of Like: First Round Complete

Thanks to outstanding voting by our readers, we're glad to announce the completion of the first round of the Tournament of Like:

From the Billy Graham Region:

1 Breaking Down Scripture and 8 Non-Denominational Churches tied at 24 votes each (more to come on this)
5 One-Hour Church Services eked out a victory over 4 Contemporary Worship 24-23
3 Being Passionate, Yet Vague About Politics defeated 6 Church Superbowl Parties 25-20
2 Christian E-mail Signatures took care of business against 7 Combined Summer Services 28-15

From the Rob Bell Region:

1 Casual Church Attire handled 8 Puppet Ministry with a 40-9 Margin
5 Potlucks took down 4 Retreats 27-21
3 Sunday Dinner beat 6 Waxing Nostalgic About Hymnals and Organs 29-17
2 Sunday Afternoon Naps easily beat 7 Flannelgraphs 35-7

This sets up the Tournament of Like Sweet 16.  These 8 match ups will run from now until next Monday at Midnight.  Keep those votes coming, faithful readers!

As for the tie vote, Abraham and I will determine how to break this tie.  Right now, I'm leaning towards the Biblically sound "casting of lots" but we'll check in on this later.

For bracketology analysis for the Sweet 16, check out the comments to this post.


Luther Zwingli said...

The Joel Osteen Region Match 1 features a true battle of the Titans. Both Coffee-Themed Ministry and Faith-Themed Tattoos have a dedicated fan base, both resonate very strongly with readers, and both contain a hyphen AND the word "themed". This should really be an old fashioned fist fight.

Luther Zwingli said...

The Joel Osteen Region Match 2 features the upstart sixth seeded Morphing Traditional Christian Vernacular vs. the powerhouse 2 seed Visitors.

Before fans dismiss "Morphing" as being outclassed, remember that Morphing easily upset the 3rd seed Babies by a 30 vote margin. This one could come right down to the wire.

Luther Zwingli said...

The favorite 1 seed White Jesus will have a difficult time with the battle-hardened 5 seed Getting Married Right Out of College.

In the first round, White Jesus narrowly beat the 8th seed Christian Radio Stations by a margin of 5 votes, while Getting Married cruised to a 45-29 victory over the 4 seed Greeters. While Greeters' performance was certainly disappointing, Getting Married's momentum appears to have this post poised for a major upset.

Luther Zwingli said...

For the Rick Warren Region's second match, two Cinderellas will enter, but only one will prevail.

Both the 6 seed Calling Themselves Followers of Jesus and the 7 seed Youth Pastors were voted on to tremendous upsets vs. the 3 and 2 seed respectively. Interestingly enough, both posts also won by a large margin (46-30 and a whopping 60-16).

While it's unfortunate that both Cinderellas had to meet this soon in the tournament, it sure will make for an exciting match. Only one posts' glass slipper will be in tact by the stroke of midnight next Monday.

Luther Zwingli said...

While we all anxiously await the result of the 1-8 seed tie-breaking "casting of lots," whichever post ultimately prevails will have its work cut out for it with a challenging opponent in the 5 seed One-Hour Church Services.

One of the buzzer-beaters in the first round had One-Hour Church Services beating the 4 seed Greeters by a one vote margin. Many Tournament of Like experts had the winner of this match as a legitimate dark-horse candidates to emerge out of the Billy Graham Region.

With an Elite 8 birth on the line, this could be a defining match in the 2009 Tournament of Like.

Luther Zwingli said...

In the 2nd match from the Billy Graham Region, (2) Christian E-mail Signatures takes on (3) Being Passionate, Yet Vague About Politics.

This match-up really is anyone's call as both posts turned in solid performances in the first round vs. lower seeded opponents.

Luther Zwingli said...

For the Rob Bell Region's Match #1, 1 seeded Casual Church Attire hopes to continue their run with a win versus 5th seeded Potlucks.

Interestingly enough, 3 of the 4 5 seeds advanced out of the first round, and Potlucks defeated the white Christian crowd-pleasing Retreats. Will that be enough to take down the mighty 1 seed? Only time will tell.

Luther Zwingli said...

For the 8th and final match-up of the Sweet 16, it really comes down to one question: what do white Christians REALLY like to do after church: eat or sleep?

The powerhouses of (3) Sunday Dinner and (2) Sunday Afternoon Naps should really provide fans with an all-out battle to the finish.