Saturday, June 6, 2009

#29 Puppet Ministry

It has been said that there are two things that separate us from the animals: souls and opposable thumbs. Well, both of these items are on prominent display with the 29th white Christian like: Puppet Ministry.

Since they constantly seek new and exciting outlets for children's ministries, it should be no surprise that white Christians have stumbled upon puppet ministry as a viable option for the entertainment and Biblical training of their children.

Like the
potluck, this white Christian activity may be a difficult one to understand at first. Upon closer examination, however, puppet ministry was an inevitable development- you just need to think beyond these fuzzy little characters whose goodness or evil is as easily identifiable as the thickness and angle of their felt eyebrows (SPOILER ALERT: thick + slanted = evil, thin + parabolic = good).

It's not only the actual puppets that white Christians like, it's the puppet teams and puppet culture surrounding this ministry that makes it so appealing. Puppets combine the white Christian's love of soft/cute things (particularly felt), skits, and doing things for children. Puppets are like live action 3-D
flannelgraphs (and anyone who has been in Sunday School knows how popular these can be).

In addition, the physical representation of Bible stories and characters allows white Christians to white-up or "
cauc-ify" their Biblical heroes. A white Moses? A yard of pink felt and a fluffy cotton beard will make that happen in no time flat.

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kake79 said...

Whatever happened to black-light performances? Did those become passé?

And don't forget the youth group's always ready dramatic "mime" to the music. That's quite popular, too.

Joshua said...

I love this website.. quick question.. Did Human Videos ever catch on nationwide or is a group of high schoolers acting out a Steven Curtis Chapman song unique to my denomination? Thank you.

Ember said...

How interesting! And I love your bloggername (Luther Zwingli).

Ember said...

How interesting! And I love your bloggername (Luther Zwingli).

Luther Zwingli said...

Thanks, Ember. I like your name too... there's something that's glowingly hot about it.

Luther Zwingli said...

Joshua- I've never been part of a "Human Video" expereince... but that doesn't mean it's not a grand part of white Christian tradition. Any other readers familiar with this?

Menekse said...

I don't know whether your site is supposed to have a satirical element, or whether you are seriously a racist, but this blog is highly offensive.

If you are as racist as you come across as being, then you should be utterly ashamed of your attitude. Mankind are created under God, we are one blood, created in His image.

Attitudes like this give Christians a bad name, they are not Biblical, and your racism is based in evolutionary thinking.

So open your Bible and get on your knees. I will be praying that the LORD God would open your closed mind.

Luther Zwingli said...

wow. seems like our little blog is starting to divide readers. Didn't realize that I'd picked at such an important scab at the Christian faith when I decided write a post on PUPPET MINISTRY!

seriously though- read the disclaimer, and come back for more at a later date... or don't.

It's pretty interesting that our readers seem to either "get it" and love it... or you get people like Menekse.

anna said...

those puppets are controversial little buggers!

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that while you claim to be Christian, you're also willing to make personal jibes at people rather then be patient and explain it.

anna said...

He also is willing to post a disclaimer AND a mission statement on the blog explaining everything which are patiently overlooked by uptight angry people.

genie1973 said...

Human videos: this hasnt become widespread yet, but I have seen many human videos performed by teams at ... puppet festivals. Puppet festivals are where Puppet ministry and X-treme youth ministry go to get married after college and are the White Christian's geek equivalent to comicon

VampKatt65 said...

Did this post bring to anyone elses mind Luanne's "Manger Babies" from King of the Hill?