Thursday, July 9, 2009

2009 Tournament of Like

Thanks to an idea from our genius reader base (specifically Micah), Stuff White Christians Like is proud to present the 2009 Tournament of Like.

Abraham and I have seeded the first 32 white Christian likes and placed them in a "Tournament of Like" bracket- pitting like against like. Picture Babies vs. Morphing Traditional Christian Vernacular, or Retreats vs. Potlucks - there are sure to be some heated contests.

Here's how the tournament will work: the official 2009 Tournament of Like bracket is now available for download: click here to download the bracket. Click on the individual topics to read any that you missed. The tournament will officially start this Saturday, July 11. Each match up will be accessible on this website and our faithful readers can vote their favorite like on to the next round. This will take place round by round, week by week until our readers have voted the 2009 tournament champion.

We can't promise that some misfits won't be gambling on this tournament (or at least casting lots) but we can promise a pretty funny tournament and a reader-voted tournament champion.

The Tournament of Like is proudly sponsored by Abraham's other site, - buy fine art prints for only $10.

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