Saturday, February 14, 2009

#13 Diversity

The only thing more highly valued in a white Christian church than visitors are minority visitors. As the deer pantheth for the water, the white Christian longs for diversity.

Unfortunately, as much as white Christians want diversity, they are unable to achieve it. Part of the problem is that white Christians prefer their diversity candidates to dress like them, talk like them, like the same style of worship as them, and, ideally, to have attended the same Christian college as them. In short, the average white Christian church wants to attract white Christians who are not white.

To fill the diversity void in their lives, white Christians enjoy singing songs like "Jesus Loves the Little Children" and "Jesu, Jesu" to celebrate other cultures. You might think that singing in another language would only be a painful reminder of the sea of whiteness filling the sanctuary, but it seems to warm the hearts of everyone in attendance. Furthermore, white Christians enjoy the confirmation that they are pulling out all the stops in their quest for diversity.


anna said...

This just puts me in the mood for a praise song with a "world rhythm" for the percussion section, especially some bongos.

Aves said...

So true! My church makes a point of highlighting the fact that we're an "inclusive, Christ-centered community ... made up of people of every generation who come from a wide variety of backgrounds ... an open and affirming, AIDS-aware faith congregation". Which is great (and in all seriousness, I love my church), except that we're in Boulder, CO: a town so lacking in diversity that we're #11 on Stuff White People Like's Whitest Networks on Facebook, among other things.